Old Swedes From Home

Africans in New Sweden: The Untold Story

Join Dr. Abdullah Muhammad for a talk about Antoni Swart, New Sweden’s best-known African.

Old Swedes on the 302

Learn more about Old Swedes by watching our full feature on The 302 on MeTV2!

Old Swedes on Pull Over Adventures

Enjoy these great videos and images of Old Swedes from Pull Over Adventures!

Serenity at Old Swedes

Old Swedes has been treasured as a site of tranquility and relaxation for hundreds of years, making it a peaceful resting place for thousands. Hoping to capture this spirit in uncertain and undoubtedly stressful times, we present you with a little taste of this serenity. Enjoy!

National Parks Expedition Challenge: First State National Historical Park

Enjoy out this new video about the First State National Historical Park—featuring Old Swedes and its connections to the women’s suffrage movement!